Make Money Doing What You Love!

For YEARS I have seen this headline, Make Money Doing What You Love! What do they mean? How does that happen? Who knows what they love and how do you make what you love a business, if you don’t know what it is? I’m GLAD you asked! It was a Tuesday around lunch time, Damien Buggs had invited me to a Toastmaster’s meeting. I thought, OK I have nothing else to do and I happen to be nosey, so I figured, what have I got to loose.

As I entered the room, there was a podium and a very poised woman standing behind it with a gavel in hand. I thought, “is this some type of political gathering in corporate? If so I want nothing to do with it”.

“Welcome fellow Toastmaster’s, friends and guests”, the woman said in a formal tone. I sat there in anticipation, expecting there to be some chant, “is this a cult”, I said, “are these people full of hoopla?” I stayed and listened intently as she said, “our first speaker is Amber”, I thought SPEAKER, now I was all in. I love to listen and undo conversations and take them in a different direction inside of me, imagining what I would have or could have done to make it more colorful. Amber gracefully walked up front and with excitement as she began story telling. I learned that It was her third speech and she was a natural. I leaned in and began to smiled as I listened intently. Amber spoke about feeding the homeless. It reminded me of a desire that has been resonating within me for some time. She had my attention and the room was captivated by her tone. “Humm”, I began to declare inside. I LIKE THIS! Then another speaker and another, I felt as if time had frozen and I could stay all day!

Then it happened……

I was given a Table Topic, my heart was beating fast, palms sweaty and all eyes were on me. “What have I gotten myself into? I asked.” How had I let this man trick me into speaking in front of all these strangers? I walked up to the podium, not knowing what I would say related to the topic. It was almost as if I wanted to close my eyes, and become invisible, but I knew they were watching. My lips parted and words just began to flow. I was in awe of myself. Who would have known I’d feel that safe, it was like I was dreaming in color. I was the producer, the actress, the editor, and the audience, all at one time. I’m in a land of my own and I LOVE IT! I could stay right here, forever! I too was a natural! I could feel my spirit agree with my present situation like it never had before. I feel great singing, love styling hair, but this was different. This was overwhelming, it was right. I know this is where I belong!

After the last speaker, they announced, “and the winner is Dionne Jackson!” “You have got to be kidding me”, I thought to myself. This was humbling and revelatory at the same time. While I knew it felt better than anything I’d ever experienced, I didn’t imagine I’d win. It was eye opening to me, It clarified that some things are innate in all of us designed to take us to the next stage of life. The question is, how do we get to the place where we can do what we love, and that knowledge become our source. How do we get to the place where the very thing that makes our heart beat and the air we breathe more valuable?

I began to search for Toastmaster clubs in my area. I realized that every two weeks at Toastmaster’s was simply not enough. I went deeper still, and knew I had to map it out in my head and make the proper preparations to move in that direction. I could not regain focus until this was accomplished. It brought tears to my eyes, even stagnation to my current circumstance. And now, it’s underway! I’m marching and FAST; I’m going after it, I WILL MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT I LOVE!

So now, let me ask, “What Do You Love? Are you pursuing it?”

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